The Wait E​.​P.

by Two Years Today

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Thanks to everyone that made this possible. The Wait is over.


released October 3, 2014

Produced by Joshua Gay and Brian Kaatz
All songs written by Joshua Gay
Additional assistance in writing by Brian Kaatz and Joseph Semak
Vocals/Guitars performed by Joshua Gay
Drums written and performed by Joseph Semak
Bass written and performed by Michael Kraniack
Piano on “The Wait” written and performed by Jordan Kaatz
Additional Rhythm guitar on “Silence in Your Heart” written by Mark Pilotto
Engineered by Brian Kaatz at BKZ Audio, Detroit, MI
Mixing/Mastering by Marty Abezetian at Codaroom, Chicago, IL
Drums recorded at Rax Trax, Chicago, IL
All other instruments recorded at BKZ Audio Detroit, MI



all rights reserved


Two Years Today Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Lover's Sin
As I drown in all of my intelligence
It leads to all of my irrelevance
I can’t picture what the thrill of it
Is to someone when they’re lost in it

These bad dreams last so long for me
Release me of another sin
I’ve been lost so long now my home is gone
Relieve me of my lover’s sin

Fall in let my head spin
And cripple my plan
Fail to respect it
And it’ll cut of my hand


I can’t take any more pain
Far too much to be contained
I feel lost in my disdain
And my loss is all her gain

For today for today
Lock me in
From my lover’s sin
Track Name: Lips of Stone
It’s hard to whisper into your ear
The words they wither away
It’s hard to think of our future here
It’s hard to notice you dear

Your kiss is a lie I can feel
Though I won’t go darling you should know
It’s a lie lips of stone you alone
Cross the line every time
While I try to find
The lies in your kiss how they’re making me miss
Something real

It’s hard to wake up next to you
It’s not where I’d like to be
And I can’t make up for all the time
From the life you made me lead


Your kiss is a lie
Don’t you know you’ve been quiet
About the things that we seem
To ignore through the pain
Bring it on me bring it on me now
Your lips will scream it but
I know you’ll never make a sound
You forcefully impose your own will on my life
Oh you know I’m breaking for it breaking for it
Running away from your lies
Running away from your lies
Your lies
Running away from your life

I don’t want to go at this alone
But I have to rid my darling lips of stone
Track Name: Silence in Your Heart
When you have light in your eyes
You can’t side with the dark
But in our foolish paradise
We can’t retrace the start
We have our dreams we pray that they stay
They’re really all that we’ve got
Both of our homes rush away
And destroy our successive plot

Ariel love Ariel love me
Wait for me in your studio apartment
Ariel love Ariel love me
Speak to me of the silence in your heart

Everyone knows life ain’t the same
When you throw your heart away
Let it exist on another plain
You can’t resist the strain
As hard as your love as hard as your love
May be to satisfy
You are loosely hanging by a thread
That shadows the real thing


In your whole heart in your whole heart
In your whole heart you will find me
In your heart in your heart
You will find you will find
You will find me

Ariel love me from the start
Ariel love no Ariel love me
The silence in your heart
Speak to me of the silence in your heart
Track Name: What Are You Looking For?
Trepidation from irrational fear
I can’t wait any longer for the mask to clear

I can’t bear to see your face
You hide behind a smile that paints over the pain
What is it that you are looking for

I can’t take on your idea of his love
You’re way off base if you think the lord is above
He’s within you darlin’ don’t you know
You don’t have to look any further than that

I am leaving now I can’t bear to see your face
You hide behind a smile that paints over the pain
You will not be lurking outside my door
Because you don’t think about me anymore

Track Name: The Wait
I see you smile after awhile
When you’re not with me
And I can’t believe
It worked out your way and my way is not
What I thought I’d see
Oh I won’t find another way

I feel it baby roaming in my soul
You know I hear you lately calling from the cold
As well I cannot stand the wait

I know if I sit here now
And think about the truth
That you sent to me maybe you’d
Transmit the signs for all the lies
That I won’t believe
Oh I won’t find another way

Well I feel it baby roaming in my soul
You know I hear you lately
Calling from the cold
Someday you’ll tell me your heart has been waiting
Someday you’ll tell me your heart has been waiting
Someday you’ll tell me your heart has been waiting
Waiting for me to come home

If you tell me baby this life is a lie
And our love is in the anger
I miss you but I can’t defy
What’s in your mind
You played with your heart
Now you’ll die in your reason to fight